The below rules apply to both in-game and our Discord server. Not all rules are listed. Use your common sense! If you have any questions regarding rules - ask staff.


1. Clients, Accounts and Bans

a. Hacks, x-ray, modified clients, glitches, bug exploits, cheats and any other related terms are strictly prohibited. You may use the official Minecraft client only.

b. You may use a MAXIMUM of one alt account per person. If there is more than one person playing from your IP address, you must let us know in advance.


2. Chat Rules - (In-Game & Discord)

a. No spamming & excessive caps.

b. Treat everyone with respect at all times. 

c. No asking for staff.


3. Game Specific Rules

a. Scamming, raiding and griefing is allowed.

b. AFK is allowed and there is no AFK timeout. Please do not use AFK machines.

c. Drugs cannot be bought or sold in playershops or on auction.

d. Playershops cannot be used for storage of goods. Empty are shops are also not permitted. Buy a shop to take the lot without using it will result in your shop lease being terminated.

e. No PVP logging.

f. No excessively laggy farms. Think of the server and your fellow players when creating complicated redstone or large auto farms. 

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