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Discussion in 'Important Information' started by M450NC, Jun 10, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    I have been working on a new vote system and vote crate over the past few days.

    The new vote system
    Now, you will get $2000 per vote, like before, but only a chance of getting a vote key. You also get 1 vote point. There is a GUI for voting now. You are able to see total votes in that day, week, month etc. You can also see who the top voters are for the month. There are prizes for top voters each month. There is now a vote party system. Each time a certain amount of votes has been reached, everyone who voted during that period will get 1 vote crate key. It is likely to cause a fluctuation in the worth of vote keys and will create a nice economy feel. There is also a vote shop. Each time you vote, you get one point. These points can be spent in the vote shop. Right now you can only buy vote keys, but we are working on adding more things into the vote shop.

    The new vote crate
    I have changed the vote crate all together. For a while now I've felt like most of the rewards from the vote crate are not worth much, for example vote armour and tools, and are generally just thrown on the floor. In turn, this causes the votes to drop because people are not interested in the rewards as much. As mentioned above, there is now only a chance of getting a key with each vote. This will make vote keys rarer, more valuable and in turn, we can offer more substantial rewards in the vote crate. Old keys are no longer valid or accepted by the new vote crate. Next to the vote crate (same place as the old one) there is a hopper for collection of old vote keys (not new ones). If this hopper fills up to 150 old keys, there will be a drop party. Check all of your chests, inventory and enderchests for any spare vote keys you might have. Any new vote keys, or other keys, will not count towards the drop party and will be destroyed. Head over to the new vote crate to check whats inside. All old vote armour and tools have been removed, new items added. Chances adjusted. I will continue to adjust chances, add and remove items until it's just right. For now, we have a starting point.

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