Updates - 5th April 2018

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    I've spent today updating MafiaMC. All the little things that I've been meaning to do over the past few weeks but been too busy to get it done.

    Playershops and Apartments
    With the usage of playershops and apartments becoming more common, especially apartments, we have raised the price to $5000 per day, as was planned from the start. It will now cost approximately $150k per calendar month to rent. Still, not too bad. The second floor apartments are currently blocked. Anyone who has an apartment there, please contact me via Discord or in game as soon as possible. There is an issue with that floor that needs to be fixed. I've already started fixing some people's apartments who have been online, theres 5 more players left at time of writing.

    Worldborder in Wild, End & Nether
    World border in Wild, End and Nether have been changed from 10k to 15k due to the increase in players online recently.

    Money for Online Time
    Various VIPs were reporting issues for the amount of money they were being rewarded per hour of online time. This should now be resolved. In order to fix this issue I had to completely re-do the structure of VIP ranks and permissions. Please report if there are any further instances of this issue or any permissions are missing. Pretty sure I got everything though.

    VIPVI Released
    The mighty /sell rank has been released! This is the final VIP rank. There will be no more. Any future VIP only released will be released upon the current ranks that we have. I am currently looking into many plugins and custom features that I can use to enhance both VIP and standard players experiences.

    Features of VIPVI:
    One-time Perks
    $2,500,000 in game money
    10x Legendary Keys
    10x Donator Keys
    1x Drugs Booster 2 hour duration

    VIPVI Perks
    Prefix [VIPVI] in chat
    VIPVI tag on tab list
    Name on /list under VIPs online
    Join server when full
    Earn $5500 per hour for being in game
    Access to Colored Signs
    2X normal drug shop sell price
    /sell command to sell without doing /warp drugshop
    Auto Replant on weed, ecstasy and heroin by right clicking to harvest (instead of left clicking)
    /feed - 30 minute cool down
    /kit VIPVI
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