Updates - 28th April 2018

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    Been working on some things today. Mainly the new Prestige system. Hopefully to be released with-in a week or two at most. Some other things that I've done:

    Donation Credits System
    I have implemented a Donation Credits System. Currently, credits can be obtained via all crates. Soon they will be obtainable by quests (upon release of quest island), drop parties and more. Credits are used to redeem voucher codes for money off in the Buycraft store. Currently, it is set for $2, $5 and $15. This may change over time. More may be added. Also, the reward rate/chance in crates may be increased/reduces depending on how rewarding it works out to be.

    In game commands for the credit system:
    /c2c gui - redeem credits for vouchers
    /c2c balance - see your credit balance

    Excessive alt kick removed - This caused more issues than benefits. I will be keeping an eye on this and people will be punished if they use this opportunity to abuse.
    Old anti-cheat plugin removed and replaced with a far superior one
    VIPVI kits for VIPV now fixed
    Auto replant/harvest plugin removed
    Money formatting for rankup plugin
    Confirm command for /rankup
    Expenses sheet updated
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