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    The below server rules must be followed at all times. All of the below rules will be enforced by our staff team.

    Public Chat Related
    Racism, abusiveness and excessive usage of vulgar words are not permitted. Do not discuss race nor religion in the chat. Excessive spamming, caps, swearing or chat fights are not permitted. If you want to argue, do it on a private chat. Do not share private information. Do not post private information about other players. Private information is full name, family names, phone numbers, social media accounts etc. If you wish to do this, do it via a PM or on Discord. Disrespect/trash talk to/about staff members is strictly prohibited.

    Hacking/Exploits/Allowed Client List
    Modified clients, Hacked clients, x-ray, abuse of glitch/bug/economy, and any other form of unfair advantage is not permitted. Please see the below list of allowed clients:

    Vanilla client - Any version
    Optifine client - Any version

    If you are using any other clients, forge, liteloader, labymod, 5zigs etc and you become subject to a anti-cheat check, it will be treated as a hacked client as the usage of any clients other than those specified is not permitted. Failure to complete multiple Anti Cheat requests on demand will result in a permanent ban.

    Any type of advertisement in any form is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to: competing servers. competing servers websites, over 18 material, illegal material etc. This is both the name and IP of competitors, direct or not.

    Charging back after making a donation is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. This server is run from donations only. Donations are not eligible for refunds.

    Raiding, Griefing, Stealing and Scamming
    Raiding, greifing, stealing and scamming of/from bases/farms/players is permitted. Be sure to hide your base and protect it with raiders in mind. Note: Scamming someone from a real currency donation is strictly not permitted. For example, if you make a deal with someone where they donate for a VIP rank for you in return for in game currency, you are not allowed to scam them in this instance. You must follow through with your deal.

    Auctioning drugs or ingredients are both not permitted. Any drugs auctioned will be impounded and repeat offences are punishable.

    Playershops are strictly for selling items only. Drugs may not be bought and sold there.
    They may not be used to safely store or hold any of your items, or grow drugs. If you are caught doing so, you will be warned, your rent will be terminated and all items contained with-in will be destroyed. Repeat offence is bannable. If you do not empty your playershop before your rent runs out, the contents will be lost and unrecoverable. Be sure to keep up on rent payments in advance. Two properties per players. Purchasing more than two properties using alts (playershops or apartments) is a punishable offence.

    Excessive Alts/Abuse
    Use of excessive alts and alt abuse is forbidden. It is acceptable to have a main account and an alt. Using several alts to gain an advantage over other players is not permitted. This means you should have no problems playing with a brother or a sister and both having an alt. or having a LAN party. A sensible number of accounts. Please refer to the rule above regarding alts and playershops/apartments.Some examples of abusing via an alt would be:
    • To log in with an alt, pay it money from your main account, rank up for the keys and send them back to your main account.
    • To use excessive alts to hold more than 2 properties in game per person (as described above)
    • To log in on alts to buy more lottery tickets. One or two accounts, is fine.
    • To use alts to increase stats in McMMO (repeatedly killing yourself to increase unarmed skill etc)
    • To join your faction using lots of alts to boost power. Again, one or two per player is fine.
    It's impossible to list every way of using an alt to gain an unfair advantage. We're not out there looking for trouble, but blatant alt abuse has been on the rise recently. Be sensible and you'll have no issues.
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