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    First of all, welcome to MafiaMC. You've made a great choice joining our server. MafiaMC is a drug server with PvP where raiding, griefing and scamming is permitted. MafiaMC is packed with features and things to do. We have many custom coded plugins designed specifically for our server. We also have many premium plugins, wherever possible. We have a custom texture pack. Do /texturepack in game for the download link.

    When you spawn for the first time, you will spawn in tutorial/information area. Take a few moments to walk through, following the blue line on the floor. Pay attention to the banners. They will show you more details and information about our server for you to decide whether MafiaMC is something you're going to enjoy playing. When you have walked through, you will reach some stairs. This is the main spawn building. The spawn is set out as a large square and contains drug shops shops, playershops, an apartment complex, casino, police station, drop party room, hall of fame, quest house and more. Take a walk around to familiarise yourself with everything. Do /warps to see the list of warps. To save you some time walking around the spawn, there are many warps you can use to get to your destination faster.

    Next, you will notice you have spawned with some tools, food and drugs. You also have $5000 in your balance. This is the minimum you need to get started. You cannot buy drugs. Do /warp wild to teleport to the wild world where you can start your base. Click on a random teleportation sign to teleport far out to prevent being raided. Use the drugs you have in your starter kit to grow more drugs, sell them and turn a profit. Use this profit to increase your base and faction with the ultimate goal of becoming the richest, powerful player or faction on MafiaMC. Make sure you hide your base well! You can sell your drugs at /drugshop.

    You can do /warp pvp. Our pvp area consists of two boats full of mobs, players and crates. Inside the chests are items ready to be looted. Items in the chests are restocked once every 8 hours automatically.

    Most warps have an alias, for example, /warp drugshop can be /drugshop, /warp wild can be /wild. There are some exceptions but most warps do have an short alias.

    - Sugarcane: Cocaine/LSD Ingredients
    - Sugar: Cocaine
    - Paper: LSD
    - Cactus: Peyote
    - Cactus Green: Cooked Peyote
    - Wheat: Weed
    - Red Mushrooms: Shrooms
    - Brown Mushrooms: Shrooms
    - Netherwart: Ecstacy
    - Cocoa Beans: Heroin

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