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    (This page is currently a WIP - Connor)

    For an in-depth, longer guide, click here to go to the New Player Starter Guide.
    Here is a more concise but lengthy collection of what is and is not covered there.

    The Server
    What do I do?
    Grow and sell drugs (plants). Set up or join a faction. Join others or kill them.

    Why do we just speak English here?
    While we appreciate people worldwide will play, for moderation and communication purposes we ask that everyone speaks English in global chat.

    How do I support the server?
    You can donate. More about this further down the page.

    How long has the server been online, and when will the map reset?
    The server has been online since January 2018. There are no plans to reset in the future.

    Is there a texture pack I can download?
    Yes. Do /texturepack in game for the download link.

    What is and isn't allowed?
    + AFK
    + Building automatic farms
    + Swearing (in moderation - not too much)
    + Raiding
    + Griefing

    + Scamming (Though you must not scam for a deal involving real currency)
    - Modified clients | X-Ray | Abuse of a glitch, bug or the economy
    - Charging back after a donation
    - Advertising in any form
    - Racism
    - Posting any illegal material

    - Using your player shop to store or hold any of your items
    See the rules in more detail here.

    Can I be staff?

    I've just started. What do I do?
    • Do /wild or /warp wild
    • Click the sign that is in front of you. This will teleport you to a random location.
    • Use the drugs you have in your starter kit to plant more
    • When these have grown, harvest them.
    • When you have enough, type /drugshop or /warp drugshop
    • Walk up to the shop NPC at the back and right click to sell all of the drugs in your inventory.
    • This will increase your balance from your initial $5000
    How do I set my home?
    Do /sethome and /home to return there. /delhome is to delete the home.

    Can I have more than one home?
    • At Grower ($400,000), 2 homes in total
    • At Hitman ($4,000,000), 3 homes in total
    • At KingPin ($25,000,000), 4 homes in total
    What is this sidebar on the side of my screen?
    This is the scoreboard that tells you your playtime as well as your balance.
    Do /toggle to get rid of it.

    What if I want to build in another dimension?
    No problem. /warp nether and /warp end takes you to both of those places. Going through regular nether portals often ends up with people falling in lava.

    What are the keys used for?
    Keys are to be used at /crates. There are currently five crates in-game:
    Vote, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Donator
    You get vote keys from voting. See voting page
    IMPORTANT : Some of the input boxes for your username may be case sensitive.
    To make sure you get the $2000 + 1 Vote Crate Key reward, enter in your username as it appears in-game.

    Ranks and Economy
    When you get $$$ you can rank up. See your balance using /bal or /balance
    To view the different ranks, type /ranks and type /rankup to rank up to the next rank.

    To give someone money, Reach Addict and type /pay (user) (amount)

    Do I need to rank up in order? Can I skip any?
    You need to rank up in the correct order e.g. Druggie, Addict, Smuggler, Dealer

    Can I mine spawners with silk touch?
    No - Cultivator ($650,000) can place spawners and Cook ($2,000,000) can mine them.

    Playershops and Apartments
    To unlock the ability to get these, you need to be rank Dealer or above.
    Dealer is $250,000 - $370,000 more than the $$$ you start with.

    I'm Dealer, now what?

    Do /playershops or /apartments. Walk up to a sign that reads "[For Rent] and click it until the sign then reads "Rented" with your username beneath. Each rented day is -$1,000. Interact with the sign in the same way you did when you first rented it to extend your rent. If you run out of rent the contents will be lost permanently.

    How many can I have?
    You may only have two regions. Two apartments, two player shops, or one of each.

    Are the regions (areas) safe??
    Nobody can steal from your player shop or apartment. Player shops, however, are not allowed to be used to hold or store any of your items. Apartments are for this purpose. Offending in this way will lead to consequences.

    Which commands can I use in the regions?
    If you need to specify a region, it is the second line of the rent sign e.g. "ap1", "ps1".
    /as addfriend <player> [region] - Add a friend to the region
    /as delfriend <player> [region] - Remove a friend from the region
    /as unrent [region] - Unrents the region (unused part of renting period will be refunded)
    I'm sure there are more - please let me know if I've missed any.

    /f help will bring up a lot of this information, but I'll try to sum up some of the questions that get asked anyway.

    /f create (name) - Will create a faction for -$2000 and make you faction leader by default
    /f invite add (user) - Invites (user) to your faction
    /f status - Shows a list of people in your faction, their power and the last time they were online
    /f perm show - List all of the permissions of your faction and what they're currently set to.
    e.g. /f perm set home ALL no - This means your allies can't do /f home.
    To get a list of perms you can change, do /f perm list.

    As of 25th March 2018, the prices at the standard drug shop sell prices are as follows:


    Last updated: 27th March 21:00 GMT

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