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    Currently there is a large amount of donator items that are available to be obtained.
    However, there are several issues that I noticed with the current system. One of the biggest and most important parts of having a donator crate system is this: Donator crate items must be the best.
    If donator crates do not give the best loot, then what is the point in buying one when one could simply get something better for free from a legendary crate?
    Currently these are the enchantments available on the pickaxes of legendary and donator rarity.
    Donator: Eff V, Unbreaking VIII, Mending
    Legendary: Eff V, Unbreaking VIII, Fortune V

    Following the logic and pattern of the other donator enchantments, the pickaxe should have mending AND fortune V, but it is currently not the case. I am unsure if this was an accident or intentional, but one way or another it should be changed.
    After noticing several discrepencies in the crates I made a google doc on them and I am pasting it into here.
    I am currently on an very long car trip and I will be returning on Sunday. I apologize for the shitty thread setup, but I will post much better ones over the following week or two. I will be on and off forums on my car ride so please give any feedback that you can, thank you.
    (I know theres not much, but its basically just random stuff I came up with at like 2 am v; no judge thanks)

    Miscellaneous items:

    1 donator key

    x2 legendary keys

    $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000

    Free rank up

    Donator credits- 50, 75, 100

    Enderman Spawner and Mooshroom Spawner



    All armor pieces - Prot 6, Fire prot 4, blast prot 4, projectile prot 4, Unbreaking X, Mending

    (not putting the others because they are not necessary to the thread)


    Tools and weapons-

    Axe: Sharp VIII, Eff VII,

    Sword: Sharp VIII, Smite VII, Bane of Anthropods VII, Knockback II, Fire Aspect IV, Looting VII, Unbreaking X, Mending

    Bow: Power VIII, Unbreaking X, Punch II, Flame IV, Mending

    Pickaxe: Eff V, Unbreaking VIII, Mending

    Shovel: Eff XIII, Unbreaking X, Fortune VII, Mending.



    Things to add to donator crate-

    30 minutes of x2 drug sales
    (works only for the player opening the crate)

    Zombie Pigman spawner

    Totem of undying

    Things to add or move to legendary crate-

    Mooshroom Spawner (This is a usless item that is basically used as a cosmetic and should not be something obtained by paying irl money for. Moving it to the legendary crate will keep it at a very high sale value in game and will not affect the economy surrounding it.)

    Nether Star

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