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Do you want a Weekly Buidling Contest?

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  1. iamGanja

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    May 14, 2018
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    Building/Base Contest.

    I think that Admins, Helpers or the Owner himself should make an event for the Nicest and Coolets builds.
    The challange could be in different themes like: "Underwater based theme", "Cave based theme". and continuing similarly.

    The Contest should be every/everyother week, so the players have enough time to build!
    Contest Theme should be annouced in the Forums, as a own thread.

    The forum's page should be a way to insert pictures/videos of your build.

    For all those who have been participating in the weekly challange, prices are set for those that the Admins, Helpers and Owner have agreed about togheter.

    1st, 2nd and 3rd.
    1st placed Prices: Epic Key +200k
    2nd placed Prices: Rare Key +100k

    3rd placed Prices: Rare Key +50k
    Prices can change of course, It was just my thought of the prices!

    //Ganja or Jason.
    Much Love <3​
  2. Connor

    Connor Helper
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    Mar 25, 2018
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    I like this idea, and something has been in the works like that for a few weeks now. Goat actually trialed this a month or two ago (check the Competitions channel in the server's discord), but this wasn't very well received and I don't believe anyone did anything for the competition. I think this is partially down to the fact that the people had to get their own materials. There isn't much of a way to avoid this currently as giving people items or gm1/creative would need to be carefully monitored, especially as people have a habit of trying to find a workaround when it comes to possible exploits.

    We are looking at events such as the build competitions, PvP tournaments, etc.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

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