Accused of PvP Hacks

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by Rarestpepeman, Jun 14, 2018.

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    Hello, I am Rarestpepeman who was recently banned for "pvp hacks" . I see in the mafia discord a video was uploaded which apparently showed me using hacks; I argue that there is no evidence at all in the video as I have never used hacks of any kind in Minecraft. Before I begin listing time stamps of the video in which I should've hit someone because of kill aura or whatever hack I'm accused of I also want to add I was anti-cheat checked after and completed it successfully and I had not logged off the server since the fight.
    Time Stamps:
    1:02 - I am accused there of using kill aura, there are two peopling attacking Fearthedoggos there which is why he is being hit if I'm not facing him; Thus this cannot be used as to properly ban me.
    1:20- he believes he's recorded bulk of me hitting him without looking but as to me prior reason there was two of us attacking him at once, so I'm not hitting him when I'm not looking at him, merely Sam is hitting him at that time.
    1:54- just a little side not to their legitimacy of accusing us, "how are they hitting me from so far away" Doggos asks, Before the fight at 0:20 Doggos states he is lagging, and also I have swiftness 2 while he does not; This allows me to catch up to him quickly and continue to hit him.
    2:06- This should be a big nail in the coffin, the person recording walks practically inside me and I do not hit him, and if you listen I am not hitting anyone else either.... but I am still swinging; if I had kill aura I would've easily hit the recorder at this time.
    At another point in the video they claim to have recorded me hitting from at least 10 blocks away, I have watched this video many times and cannot see this as being true at all. Again I had swiftness 2 allowing me to catch up fast, possibly creating the illusion of me hitting far away whereas I am merely catching up to them allowing me to hit them. Plus again Doggos did admit that he was lagging which could also lead to him believing I hacked.

    This link is what kill aura looks like, notice how he locks onto him where I clearly in the video am attempting to move my mouse to Doggos and because of how close we were and how fast I was moving I was struggling to stay on him and making the sort of spastic head movements you see.

    That's all I can say about this matter. It is completely understandable to mistake things like this and I'm sorry for how long this is but I want to make sure I get the point across I'm not cheating and never have. I hope this issue can be fixed soon and hopefully I will be unbanned, thanks.
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