All the rules listed below apply to all players, including VIPs! MafiaMC holds a no-tolerance stance on rule breaking.

Hacks/Glitches/Bug Abuse
Any form of hack, cheat, alternative client or anything similar is not permitted. This includes xray texture packs. Abuse of glitches or bugs are not permitted. Should you stumble upon a glitch/bug, please ensure you report it.
1st Occurrence: 7 day temporary ban
2nd Occurrence: permanent ban
We permit the usage of alt accounts providing that it isn't abused. One or two alts is acceptable. Using alts to bypass a ban is not permitted. Using alts to gain an advantage or ruin game mechanics is not permitted.
1st Occurrence: 24 hour temporary ban
2nd Occurrence: 7-day temporary ban
3rd Occurrence: permanent ban
Please keep the chat (and discord) friendly. No racism, sexism, spamming, links etc.
1st Occurrence: 1 hour temporary mute
2nd Occurrence: 1 day temporary ban
3rd Occurrence: 7 day temporary ban
4rd Occurrence: permanent ban
You may not use playershops for storage. All chests must be active selling or buying chests. You may not buy or sell drugs in the playershops. They are to be used to buy/sell non-drug items, for example, potions, food, ores, armour, tools/weapons, blocks etc.
1st Occurrence: shop unrented and all items seized
2nd Occurrence: shop unrented and all items seized & 1 day temporar ban
3rd Occurrence: shop unrented and all items seized & 7 day temporary ban
4rd Occurrence: permanent ban
Any type of advertisement result in per-ban!
1st Occurrence: permanent ban
As outlined on our shop page, when you purchase a package from our shop, you are donating to MafiaMC. Initating a chargeback on a donation (and digital service) is striclty prohibited and will result in a permenant ban.
In addition to this ban, you may find you are unable donate to any other Minecart servers in the future as we participate in BuyCraft/Tebex's anti-fraud program in partnership with other servers on the same platform.
Finally, as we take this fraudulent activity very seriously, we will persue the full re-payment including any losses.
1st Occurrence: permanent ban; no right to return even if chargeback is won